Hi, I’m Hai


I’m a first-generation Vietnamese American and son of an OG single mom who raised both my brother and I largely on her own through countless hours grinding as a manicurist. For this reason, you better believe her pink and white and acrylic game is real strong and clients have followed her for over 30+ years because of her ability to build relationships and rapport.

I’m a marketer and writer by day and graduated from UC Irvine with an English degree back in 2011 right into the armpit of the Great Recession. Worked some unsexy jobs? Couldn’t get hired even with a stack of internships, fellowships, and previous part-time jobs? I can relate to that.

The inspiration for podcasting stems from a childhood where I got bullied and had my ass beat both physically and emotionally for who I was and who I wasn’t, for the things I didn’t have, and the skills I didn’t excel at.

Challenges have been abundant in my life and what I have learned along the way has been to process these experiences with some humor, to let myself feel what needs to be felt, and to understand myself a little more each time I go through them.

I’m not hear to preach to you, only to share some stories and experiences. My hope is that if you find something to relate to and if that makes you feel a little less alone, that your challenges are not just something you’ve experienced, then maybe this podcast could do some good in the world.

This platform is a means to express myself creatively and I hope you’ll join me along for the ride as I unpack my life experiences and also the experiences of those around me.

Doing this podcast is my dream and it also scares the hell out of me because I fear that I’m not good enough and don’t deserve to do this. I’m going to do it anyway.

So if you’ve ever felt like Liz Lemon and trying to have it all, and if you’ve hunted for that perfect name brand shirt that’s also irregular and slightly damaged (for maximum discount) at Marshall’s and Ross so kids would stop tormenting you, or if you’ve found yourself preaching to your friends and family about the healing power about the pyramid scheme product you got duped into selling, this podcast is for you.

Thanks for stopping by.

- Hai